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Used Car Exchange

Used cars for sale in Binnipete, Magadi Road

Selling an old car and buying a new car or used car in exchange is no longer a long and boring process because, at Anekar Maruti Suzuki Car Exchange in Binnipete, Magadi Road, we have made this Maruti car exchange process very simple and reliable. Some people make themselves this Maruti car exchange process further stressful when they plan to buy a new car or old car in exchange for their old car, but Maruti Suzuki made this process of car exchange very handy.

With our Maruti car exchange offer in Binnipete, Magadi Road, you can get your old car digitally evaluated at our service station itself with a guarantee of the maximum price for your used car. Once you sold the car to us and the value you get can be used towards the payment for your new Maruti Suzuki dream car of your choice. The process at Maruti Suzuki Old Car Exchange in Binnipete, Magadi Roadis not just convenient but also safe, transparent & reliable.

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Your old car is properly sold to a suitable buyer with full documentation to save you from future troubles. As we said, the value of the old car can be used towards the payment of the new Maruti Suzuki car of your choice.

The large network of Maruti Suzuki made the exchange process pretty simple:

  • Drive-in your old car and get it digitally evaluated.
  • Get the evaluated price along with the best deals.
  • Use the value of the old car for the down-payment of a new car without the hassle.
  • Drive out with a new Maruti Suzuki and drop off your old car.

Benefits of Maruti car exchange in Binnipete, Magadi Road, Anekar | Authorised Maruti Service Station

  • Digital evaluation

    Trained evaluators perform the valuation of the used car and by digital evaluation generate a digital report.

  • Easy transfer process

    The customer receives a certificate from the company in respect of its old car. Upon the sale of the old car, we help the customer to transfer the car into the new name of the owner, as well as to keep the customer updated with the transfer status to make it easy and comfortable.

  • Attractive exchange benefit scheme

    Attractive exchange benefit scheme Maruti Suzuki regularly offers attractive exchange bonuses for several new car models, making it easy to purchase a new Maruti Suzuki.

  • Old car value as new car down payment

    The customer is offered for his pre-owned car the best possible price that is competitive according to the market standards.

Documents you should submit during the exchange process

Well, if you are planning to exchange your old Maruti vehicle against a new one, then below are the documents you should submit during the time of exchange:

  • Proper Address proof
  • Passport size photographs
  • Proof of identity (Aadhar Card, Driving License, Pan Card, Passport, etc)
  • Original RC
  • Owner’s manual
  • Duly Signed Form 29 & 30
  • Bank Hypothecation closure statement and Form 35

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