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Accident Repairs

Authorised Maruti Car Accident Repair Center in Binnipete, Magadi Road

At Anekar, our Authorised Maruti Accident Repair Station in Binnipete, Magadi Road offers a full range of accidental repairs, car body repairs, collision repair, and restoration services for your Maruti vehicles. We also deal with picked up minor damage such as bumper repair, car dents, and scratches to major damages.

Book Car Accidental Repair Services online at Anekar and we will help you with the best services for your vehicle damaged. While your car is in our care, our trained technicians will take care of your car personally and also assist you with the insurance claims after service by providing the required documents.

We as an Authorised Maruti Accident Repair Center will arrange and organize the assistance at the earliest. If you are in Binnipete, Magadi Road nearby, simply call us at –

At Anekar, We work directly with leading insurance companies and offer car body spray repairs, panel replacement, and smart repair solutions. We aim to make your pride and joy looking its best once more, and the process couldn’t be simpler.

Complete Accident Repair & Restoration Services

We provide the best repair and makeover for your car during your time of distress. Dedicated & experienced team at our Maruti workshop station in Binnipete, Magadi Road provides a complete accidental repair service designed to make repairing your car hassle-free. No matter what auto body service you need, Anekar Maruti will fix your vehicle correctly with original accessories resulting in making your vehicle look like a new one.

First things first, pick up the phone and call us with some details and photographs if possible.


    At Anekar our Authorised Car Accident Repair Service Station in Binnipete, Magadi Road is approved by Maruti Suzuki, featuring the latest paint spray and repair equipment. To ensure your damaged vehicle is repaired as good as the day you bought it, we only use manufacturer body parts.


    At our Full Body Repair Service Station in Binnipete, Magadi Road, we ensure your damaged vehicles receive the ultimate care it deserves. Our teams are professional body repair specialists and paint experts, trained to the highest standards. They are entirely focused on returning your vehicle to its original manufacturer’s specification. Our guarantee to you is that your vehicle is properly cared for!


    Without repainting the entire panel or wheel, our Smart Repair service will promptly fix car body damage such as minor car dents, car bumper scuffs, curbed alloy wheels & car paintwork scratches of your Maruti car. This means you can now get minor damage to your car repaired in a shorter time to a high standard at a fraction of the cost of traditional body shop methods.


    If you have an accident and damaged your car then CALL ANEKAR MARUTI FIRST. We will talk to your Insurance Company on your behalf so you don’t have to. We will take care of all the administration involved directly with your Insurance provider, allowing us to fulfill the work required in the shortest time with the minimum inconvenience to you.


    We don't want to see you in hassle any more than you have been already after your accident. Therefore we will pick your car up and take it to our fully equipped Accident Repair Workshop in Binnipete, Magadi Road makes all the repairs to the highest of standards and delivers your car back to your chosen location within.


If you find yourself involved in a collision or other car accident, Anekar Maruti recommends you do the following:

  • The first thing that you have to do is remain calm. Do not panic, make sure the engine of your Maruti Suzuki is switched off; the warning lights are on and exit the vehicle when this is safe to do.
  • Call 999 immediately if you or anyone else gets injured. The well-being of all involved in any crash or collision is the most important thing.
  • Be careful not to admit liability as this could render your insurance invalid and prevent you from claiming auto insurance.
  • Take some of the other driver's details down. Ideally, if available, you should note their names, addresses, types of vehicles, registration numbers, and details of the insurance policy, as well as the date, time, and location of the accident. It is also a good idea to record the weather conditions because if you claim your insurance you may need to know that.
  • If the Police investigate the incident, you should remember the name and number of the Officer.
  • If you have a camera or Smartphone, take photographs showing the damage caused to the vehicles and the position on the road, skid marks, and anything else that might be relevant or necessary as evidence to make a claim.
  • Make sure your vehicle is roadworthy before trying to drive it over again. Check that the lights are still working, that tyres are inflated, and that there is no dangerous bodywork that could damage other road users, and that the vehicle is not leaking Liquids.

Call Anekar Maruti to arrange your free repair estimate and book in for your Maruti Accident Repair Service.

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