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  • 1. My vehicle is not starting. What shall I do now?

    Of course, this situation gives everyone a sinking feeling: when you put the key in the ignition, turn it and surprisingly nothing happens.

    There might be many reasons to why your car won’t start, such as, if your car in the middle of the road does not crank, then chances are, the car battery might be dead or if it cranks but does not start then, either there will be not enough fuel in your car or might be some problems with the vehicle starting system.

    Relax... Need not to worry!

    We at Anekar as a Maruti Suzuki Authorised Car Service Center in Binnipete are always there for you. In case of any emergency, call our Maruti car service station helpline number Binnipete- 80698 57890. They will guide you in getting assistance related to your car.

    To prevent this problem in the future, we always recommend replacing your timing belt as part of your regular maintenance.

  • 2. What are the precautions we need to take to keep the vehicle in good condition?
    It sounds quite straightforward, but today most people are not keeping up with their basic car maintenance. You know it's quite easy and you will save money as well as increasing the life of your car in the long term. So we recommend following the below mentioned simple maintenance list:

    • Get your car serviced as scheduled
    • Check the car periodically
    • Motor oil and filter upgrade
    • Using your car's sort of fuel
    • Check every fluid level regularly
    • Substitute it as it wears down / out!
    • Check the pneumatic pressure periodically
    • Keep the daily car wash clean for your vehicle

    Remember: When it comes to cars or any vehicle, a thousand worth of maintenance will save you Lakhs of rupees in the future.
  • 3. What if I am not available to drop my car?
    Do not worry, if you are not able to drop your car to our service center. We understand your busy schedule, so we will take care of servicing your vehicle. We also offer free pick-up and drop-in within 5km to 8km radius.
  • 4. Does your Maruti Service Center provide offers and discounts?
    YES, as an Authorised Maruti Service Center in Binnipete, we offer our beloved customers fantastic offers & discounts from time to time. All you have to do is, keep an eye on our website deals section to keep up to date on our trending deals and discounts.
  • 5. How much time do you take to service my car?
    The length of time it takes for the car to be serviced depends on the service being performed on your car and whether or not any problems are identified that require additional work. So typically, in our Anekar Maruti service center in Binnipete, the car service will not take more than 3 to 4 hours to complete.
  • 6. In the future, Will my free service get extended if the government announces any seal down or lockdown due to COVID-19 again? I hope it does not impact my car's warranty?
    Yes, we may extend the validity of free service/extended warranty up to 2 to 3 months for all those customers who are eligible for these services due to the shutdown of dealership or service centers whose car was eligible.
  • 1. How often do we need to visit the service center?
    The frequency of car service depends on your car and how you are driving it. Usually, We at Anekar, recommend the Maruti Car's first free service to be done at 1000kms or one month from the date of sale whichever comes first, second service at 5000kms or 6 months, and third Maruti car service at 10,000 km’s or one year from the date of sale whichever lies first. From 4th service onwards, it happens every 10,000 km or one year, whichever is earlier.

    Remember: Every rupee and time spent on your car's maintenance will be recovered through superior driving and a well-maintained car will serve you better and prove more reliable in the long run.
  • 2. What if I have an issue with the services provided by your service center?
    At Anekar Maruti, we believe in providing our customers with 100 % satisfaction, you can always call our customer support helpline support at 80698 57890 for Binnipete in case of any questions or concerns about our services. After your problem has been reported to us, you will be assigned a customer support executive who will fix your problems on a priority basis.
  • 3. What makes and models do your Maruti Authorised Car Service Station in Binnipete handles?
    Our Maruti Car Service in Binnipete handles all types of Nexa and Arena makes and models. Our Maruti Authorised Service Station packages for car brands include:

    • Alto Car Service
    • WagonR Car Service
    • Celerio X Car Service
    • Swift Car Service
    • Dzire Car Service
    • Ertiga Car Service
    • S Presso Car Service
    • Brezza Car Service
    • EECO Car Service
    • XL6 Car Service
    • S-Cross Car Service
    • Ciaz Car Service
    • Baleno Car Service
    • Ignis Car Service
  • 4. Why should I choose your Maruti Service Center over other Maruti Service Station in Binnipete?

    Anekar Maruti Service Center in Binnipete is a certified and authorised service station that follows the service standards recommended by Maruti Suzuki and equipped with world-class tools & equipments utilized by professionals who are well trained to deliver a premium quality of service for your car.

    When you avail a service from Anekar Maruti Service Workshop, you get benefits such as -

    • Easy appointment schedule
    • Genuine Maruti Suzuki parts assurance
    • Transparent, fixed & budget pricings
    • 24*7 customer support
    • Easy tracking of the service progress
  • 5. Will I get an invoice for the services I choose from your Maruti Authorised Service Center in Binnipete?
    YES, you will be given an invoice at the time of delivery of your car with all the information such as price, types of accessories installed in case of any replacement done in your car's services & repairs.
  • 6. Do you have appointments available on Saturdays & Sundays?
    Yes, we are open for repairs on Saturdays too from 8:30 am to 6 pm, and our Anekar Maruti Express Service facility is also open for any basic maintenance needs. Schedule Your Service Now
  • 1. What to do when the insurance policy for my car falls due to Renewal?

    Anekar Maruti offers the best auto insurance coverage for your vehicle, and be with you at every phase of your car insurance needs. In case of Renewal, all you have to do is just give a call at Anekar Maruti Insurance section at 80698 57890 for Binnipete and we will do the rest to deliver your policy at your step.

    We also guarantee the lowest premium for the best car insurance policy which includes:

    • Large safety range designed to protect you and your vehicle
    • Coverage of Death / Trauma
    • Sickness / Accident cover
  • 2. What is the solution if my car is involved in an accident?
    No worries! On Your Behalf, Anekar Maruti will deal with all of that. All you have to do is simply inform our support team, or you can visit our website for the Anekar Maruti Service Insurance section. Once you reach us, we'll assist you with the intimation of your claim and other formalities to be executed. During your time of distress, we provide the best repair and makeover for your damaged car.
  • 3. Where can I get my car insured and which vehicles are included?

    You can visit or call Anekar Maruti Service Center directly to renew your Maruti Suzuki car lapsed insurance. All Maruti Suzuki Vehicles are protected by insurance renewal at Anekar Maruti. *(T&C Apply)

    We provide just the Comprehensive Insurance (Package Policy) for your Vehicle and no Third Party coverage is issued for your Maruti vehicle.

  • 4. In case of post-accident repair, will the insurance cover all costs?

    Replacing parts and accessories depends on the insurance policy you take. You will bear any extra work done (i.e. not related to the accident) by the Anekar workshop on your instructions, e.g. maintenance-related servicing, towing costs, and all other costs.

    The total cost of restoring the vehicle to its pre-accident state should be directly negotiated between the insurance company and you.

  • 1. What type of products & parts will be used in my car?
    Our Anekar Maruti service stations operate based on guidelines suggested by car manufacturers. Anekar Maruti maintains quality products & parts in our service stations to maintain the standards being the best Maruti Authorised Service Center in Binnipete.
  • 2. What is the source of the spare parts used by your Maruti Service Station?
    All our vehicle components & accessories come from OEM (Original Manufacturers of Equipment). Through our comprehensive market research, we always ensure you get the best experience in class service for your vehicle.
  • 3. What are the benefits of using your service center spare parts?
    We repair your vehicle making use of genuine spare parts that are rigorously tested to meet high quality, safety, and performance standards. Using Genuine Spare parts will not only provide better performance, safety & comfort but also it ensures that your vehicle will drive, function, and protect you the way it was intended.

Ultimately, we believe that the purpose of servicing your vehicle is to protect not just your vehicle but you, your family, and your passengers.

That is why our team of Maruti Authorised Service Center in Binnipete encourages you to get the awareness of the needs of your specific car and model by reviewing its handbook.

Otherwise, you can consult with one of our technicians to get detailed information and to receive assistance with your regular car maintenance.

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